Investment Criteria

  • BOPA invests with a long term holding perspective.
  • We typically make initial investments of USD 500,000–2,500,000 and seek to support the growth of the institution with follow-on investments.
  • The goal is to shape strong and responsible MFIs in Asia that will grow to reach over 2 million clients by 2022

Strict eligibility requirements

We evaluate investments based on:

  • Early-stage MFI’s scale, growth and operational capabilities
  • Demonstrated social impact pledge
  • Market and management experience
  • The opportunity for BOPA to actively engage with the MFI
  • Outstanding loan portfolio and client outreach
  • Portfolio at Risk
  • Audited accounts

Clear Investment Policy Guidelines

Our investment policy which is regularly reviewed and updated by our Investment Committee is based on:

  • MFI’s track record
  • Operational and financial sustainability level
  • Regional scope
  • Investment size
  • MFI’s size
  • Audited accounts